A Poem for This Day — (General Poetics 2011)

this day demanded a poem

a free poem that dont cost nuthin

and dont owe nobody a damn thing

copy this left i give you the right

this poem dont belong to a collection

it belongs to itself and this day

it goes where it wants

cuz its free in verse & deed

this poem will open locks

cause I told it to

& I can do that

I give it the power

like I give this poem to this day

in kalli where the sun shines


on this fine winter day

this poem that neatly defies

attempts to silence me

make me feel small

exploit my vunerablities

try my patience

court my wrath

this poem a brave black bird soaring

above it all

cuz it can be

free by its own decree

unfettered by the noise

eyes open this poem can see

& will  say

this poem be

celebrating this day in right mind and strong body

& the art of dreaming while awake

this poem that is sans ports and avec mucho grace

skipping through language

like a six-year-old in a candy shop


effortlessly moving through

the place where poems

break the barrier

& float

this poem has the time & can spare it

this poem overstands

the blessing

of attention

it will listen becuz it can

but it dont cotton to bullshit

wont tolerate it

it has something to do on tuesday

it wont make you thinner but you might get happy if you read it

might wanna do sumpthin right just cuz you can

might make you call ya mama

make you hug ya man

read a book to a baby

this poem wants you to mark this day

this poem is filled with pent-up joy

held back by bluz now dismissed

this poem sings this day & it knows your name

and loves the way

you get lifted when you decide to try

this poem be stunting

out loud the way birds of paradise arrogantly look toward the sky

this poem is a clever spell

poems as prayer

this poem belongs to this day

and this day belongs to those who seize it

& shake from it what its got for them

this poem is a clever curse

kiss my gift

hard to tell you how I dig me now

this poem knows

&  it digs you for reading it

this poem should be eaten today


About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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4 Responses to A Poem for This Day — (General Poetics 2011)

  1. Marvin X says:

    Great poem, Ayo. Read it at the Festival. love, m

  2. Judy L. Brekke says:

    Yumm – you always astound me!!!

  3. Mommafucious says:

    Had to run around the room after that one. LOVED IT! Happy New Year, Sister.

  4. Sis Marpessa says:


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