Race ( from That New Millennium Dime)


Granny said/

“you will lie in the pit/you dig

for ‘an-other’ ” /how you sleep/?/

here in the pit/where

we lie/side by side/ in the same open grave/pitted against

one another/ cain & able forever/?/how you sleep/has

your god been watching/?/do you pray

with the same mouth/ that sucked at

my great great great gramma’s bloody tears/hollered

sold american/

nigger/kike/spic/wop/chink/spook/slant/beaner/dego/sand nigger/camel jockey/

jungle bunny/jig a boo/?/

how you sleep/?/


do you dream of brown hands/

wake sweating/vowing

to kill them all/so

you can breathe/

w/0 fear of

retribution/do you dream of severed breast/broken bodies/are you

greedy/in your sleep/?/how do you sleep/

w/yr bi-racial grandchildren waiting for your death/the

brown-eyed ones that are ashamed of you/how will you answer god/?/

when he ask you about his children/

do you dream in burning crosses/bodies flopping behind trucks/dogs at throats/shooting first and yelling stop over dead bodies/corpses swaying from trees/the smell of burning genitals/?/how you sleep

do you ever fear drowning in oceans/of grief

crafted by you/are you fettered

by your fictions/what if we are human/what will your god say/

how do you sleep

/do your sins trail you like a caravan

of bodies chained to one another/

full coffins/full coffers/

empty souls/

futile lives/

afraid of the dark/ more afraid

of the light/forever

fearing the morning after/ & the sound

of my laughter/?/ how you sleep/

when the chatter

from the boneyard is deafening/how you sleep

on the edge of an open grave/?/how

you sleep

About Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD

I create; therefore I am.
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2 Responses to Race ( from That New Millennium Dime)

  1. Ankhasanamen Sow says:

    Painful and strong….it is a question needed to be answered by them in thier graves, hijacked DNA, stole the key to our futuer generations by kicking a hole in our genetic door…a way back…a way in…through the double helix.
    Yes Sister Azinga. Yes. The question begs the answer. We shall all be present on that day. But the answer shall not be from their mouths…………HA!

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    Post race considerations of the construct of race.

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